Vickie Sampson: Sound Editor, Director and Mentor

Sound editor and director Vickie Sampson, pictured on the right with Vanessa Theme Ament, was so much more than an interviewee for the film: she was also a teacher and mentor for the crew.

Sampson, a 40-year veteran of the sound industry, has worked on films like “Return of the Jedi,” “Speed” and “Donnie Darko.” While she still does some sound work, Sampson has retired from full-time sound work to focus on her first love: directing. Her latest project, the short film “Shelby’s Vacation,” is currently on the festival circuit across the country.

When Sampson flew in to Muncie, Indiana to sit down with our crew for an interview, she also spent time coaching and teaching the crew of Amplified about directing. She continued to offer support and expertise during production in Los Angeles, her hometown.

In her interview, Sampson talks about her experiences in the sound industry, covering her favorite memories, her experience of inequality in the workplace and the challenges of being a mother in the movie industry. Read more about her visit to Muncie here, and see more of her story in the upcoming documentary film Amplified: Women in American Sound.

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